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How we work


In Ukraine, we are working with survivors and with the government to establish an urgent interim reparations programme for CRSV*. In April 2023 we hosted a week-long study visit for government ministries, civil society actors, and survivors in Geneva. Together we worked on a draft law to be tabled in Parliament.

*Measures provided by States to victims of violations to address the most urgent and immediate consequences of such violations, until such time as comprehensive reparations may be implemented.

In Colombia, we are working with survivors and the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) to ensure that the harm suffered by CRSV survivors is reflected, acknowledged, and results in adequate and effective reparation for survivors.

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, we have been providing advice to the government on the establishment of a National Reparation Fund for CRSV survivors and other crimes (FONAREV). At the same time, we are supporting and participating in a national Reparation Advocacy Alliance (APR) to ensure international best practice standards.

In Guinea, we are using the Guide and Advocate pillars of our work together to support the government with a three-day High-Level Round Table to share best practices and work on a draft law to establish a reparation programme for CRSV survivors of the 2009 stadium massacre.

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