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Marking a new era for survivors of conflict-related sexual violence, the Global Survivors Fund celebrates its official launch

Press Release / Switzerland 10 March 2022

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The Global Survivors Fund (“GSF”) invites the international diplomatic community to an inaugural event celebrating its first years of operations. In the presence of its co-founders Dr. Denis Mukwege and Ms. Nadia Murad, co-laureates of the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize, guests will reflect on GSF’s accomplishments since its founding in 2019.

Organised in partnership with the Diplomatic Club of Geneva, the event will bring together around 80 representatives from international and civil society organisations who are keen to learn about GSF’s mission: improving access to reparations for survivors of conflict-related sexual violence across the globe. By bringing together representatives of the international community, GSF will raise awareness on the urgent need for state-awarded or judicial reparations, and insist that reparations are affordable, accessible and can truly meet survivors’ needs.

On the inauguration, Dr. Denis Mukwege said: “We’ve been working since our inception to show the world that reparations are possible and affordable for all. I often witness how survivors’ calls for reparations are met with indifference. Inaction is a choice – one that sides with injustice. The Fund chooses to act with and for survivors. It recognises survivors’ dignity, helps to transform their lives and heals their communities today – taking a leap closer to ending sexual violence as a weapon of war tomorrow.”

Ms. Nadia Murad also commented: “In Sinjar, many fellow Yazidi survivors stress how difficult it is to access compensation and other forms of reparations, like medical care or psychological support – measures that are vital in helping to rebuild their lives and communities. The Global Survivors Fund is a changemaker for survivors, in Iraq and everywhere. It works side-by-side with survivors and local organisations to bridge gaps so that survivors can access the reparations they rightly deserve.”

The launch event will take place from 5:30-7:30 PM, CET. The President of the Diplomatic Club of Geneva, Raymond Loretan, will kick off the evening with a welcome speech. GSF Executive Director, Esther Dingemans, will provide introductory remarks, followed by speeches given by Ms. Nadia Murad and Dr. Denis Mukwege. Audience members will have the opportunity to engage with speakers and GSF Board members in a Q&A session.



In the past two years, GSF succeeded in co-creating projects with survivors of conflict-related sexual violence to provide them with interim reparations measures and holistic support in Guinea, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic and Iraq. The organisation also published the preliminary findings of a Global Reparations Study to assess survivors’ needs worldwide.

With this inauguration, the Global Survivors Fund hopes to engage with the international community in its quest for transforming the international agenda and furthering justice, with measures which have a life-changing impact on individuals and their communities.


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The Global Survivors Fund (“GSF”) was launched in October 2019 by Dr. Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad, 2018 Nobel Peace Prize laureates. Its mission is to enhance access to reparations for survivors of conflict-related sexual violence around the globe, thus responding to a gap long identified by survivors. GSF acts to provide interim reparative measures in situations where states or other parties are unable or unwilling to meet their responsibilities. GSF advocates for duty bearers as well as the international community to develop reparations programmes, and guides states and civil society by providing expertise and technical support for designing reparations programmes. GSF’s survivor-centric approach is the cornerstone of its work.


For media queries, please contact: 

Maud Scelo, Head of Communications at GSF

+33 6 48 23 08 43

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