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VIDEO featuring Fatoumata and her friends, survivors from Guinea

Survivor Story / Guinea 16 June 2021

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Woman named Fatoumata talking to interviewer behind the camera

Today, we feature Fatoumata and her two friends.

Fatoumata is from Guinea. In 2009, she was forced to experience the tragic events of the September 28 Massacre in Conakry stadium, including killings and rapes by armed forces.

Thanks to interim reparations, she has built a pirogue and started a small fishing business. She has also developed a former business in fabric dyeing.

She is very pleased: “My business is running well (...). Since I received the money, my life has changed a lot. Now people treat me well and respect me. I am very happy, … really!”

Reparations are a right to every survivor of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence.

It is time we end impunity for perpetrators and provide survivors with the justice and recognition that they deserve.

In the run up to the International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict on 19 June, we are presenting four women. These women have set up their own activities with the support of GSF’s interim reparative measures.


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