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Video Release: Survivors in South Sudan Speak

Press Release / South Sudan 12 April 2022

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In partnership with the Center for Inclusive Governance, Peace and Justice, Rights for Peace, Dialogue and Research Institute and the Transitional Justice Working Group in South Sudan, the Global Survivors Fund released the second study from our Global Reparations Study in March 2022. 

The study titled ‘South Sudan Study On The Status Of And Opportunities For Reparations For Survivors Of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence’ gives a voice to survivors to share insights on their perceptions, needs, priorities and risks surrounding reparations in South Sudan. 

Additionally, it provides key recommendations for the international community, amongst other stakeholders, to ensure survivors have access to reparations, support and justice.

See the clip Rights for Peace produced showing how survivors experience the impact of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence and how they perceive their right to reparations, in their own words.


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