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A portrait photo of Elizabeth Bohart.

Elizabeth Bohart

Elizabeth Bohart is a social impact strategist with over 30 years of experience working in development. Elizabeth’s focus shifted from the private sector to the non-profit sector in 2006 when she founded the Antelope Foundation. Elizabeth has worked extensively in Eastern Africa, the Baltics, Russia, and Europe. 

Elizabeth brings a combination of business acumen and cultural sensitivity to her work, helping partners build more impactful organisations by developing effective and efficient strategies to improve programmes, systems, and external communications. Highlights of Antelope’s work includes co-founding AMPLIFY, a collaborative of community-based organisations in Eastern Africa, leading the development of Kwithu Kitchen (Malawi’s first tomato canning business), and serving as the Director of Outreach for the Sundance award winning film “Watchers of the Sky". Elizabeth was a co-founder of Nadia’s Initiative and currently serves on their Board. She also serves on the Board of Komera, Maloto, and AMPLIFY. 

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