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A portrait photo of Dr Norbert Wühler.
© Magali Girardin

Norbert Wühler

Vice Chair

Dr Wühler is a German lawyer with more than 30 years of experience in claims, restitution, and reparation programmes. He was Legal Adviser to the President of the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal; Chief of the Legal Service of the United Nations (UN) Compensation Commission; and Director of the Reparations Department of the International Organisation for Migration. He has provided legal and policy advice on design, and has directed the implementation of large-scale reparation programmes, inter alia in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Colombia, Germany, Guatemala, Iraq, Kenya, Nepal, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka and Yemen. He was Chair of the Appeal Board of the World Intellectual Property Organisation and of the Kosovo Property Claims Commission. Dr Wühler also served as an expert appointed by the International Criminal Court to advise the Court on reparations in the Bemba and Ntaganda cases.

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