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Anne-Sophie Portier-Julien
©Solen Mourlon

Anne-Sophie Portier-Julien

Deputy Director of Operations

Anne-Sophie Portier-Julien brings over 20 years of finance and HR experience from the private sector to the Global Survivors Fund (GSF). Her experience started at KPMG followed by positions of growing responsibility in large listed companies. She joined a medium sized Swiss company in 2015 as Chief Financial Officer. With this diverse background, including an overall 10 years as a CFO and five years as combined CFO & Head of Human Resources, Anne-Sophie is well placed to rise to the challenges posed by growth in an organisation. This is especially so considering her experience at Netflix during the company’s startup period where she oversaw Internal Controls. Anne-Sophie also understands the unique opportunities for GSF as an international organisation considering her experience spanning across Canada, France, Switzerland, and the United States of America. GSF was beginning a new period of growth when Anne-Sophie joined the organisation in 2023 as its Deputy Director of Operations. Now, she is guiding GSF through its expansion, ensuring tools and processes across teams are adapted to fit current- and allow for more sustainable- growth.

Categories: Finance, Human Resources & Admin

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