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A portrait photo of Clara Sandoval.
© Magali Girardin

Clara Sandoval

Director of Programmes

A qualified lawyer and leading expert on reparations, human rights, and transitional justice, Clara Sandoval joined Global Survivors Fund (GSF) as Director of Programmes in 2021. While working as a Professor at the University of Essex and Geneva Academy, Clara carried out extensive research and practical work. She has successfully litigated emblematic cases before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and has served as an expert on reparations in cases involving sexual violence before the International Criminal Court. She has also worked with the United Nations and civil society organisations, such as REDRESS. Clara’s work with survivors of conflict-related sexual violence has focused on domestic reparation programmes in countries like Colombia, Peru, Iraq, Guatemala, and Chile. Her extensive list of publications on reparation, including for survivors of conflict-related sexual violence, are regularly cited and consulted in the sector.

Category: Senior Management

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