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Cristián Correa
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Cristián Correa

Senior Advisor

What does it mean to provide reparation for irreparable harms and suffering, and how can it be done when there are tens of thousands of victims? How can reparations be accessible for people who can hardly talk about what they have suffered, have little evidence, or fear stigma and retaliation? These are questions that Cristián Correa has been trying to answer since he was the Legal Secretary of the National Commission on Political Imprisonment and Torture in Chile, where he also later worked at a commission to advise President Bachelet on human rights and finding the disappeared. He joined the International Center for Transitional Justice for 16 years, working on transitional justice and reparation efforts in Peru, Colombia, Côte d’Ivoire, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, and more. He joined the Global Survivors Fund (GSF) in 2023 to lead its Reparations Praxis Hub, where he helps to systematise and encourage learning from practical experiences of reparation. Cristian also leads the organisation's work in Colombia and Ukraine. He has a Master on International Peace Studies, from the University of Notre Dame (1992), and a Law Decree from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (1993).

Categories: National Advocacy & Technical Support, Praxis Hub

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