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Work with us

The Global Survivors Fund (GSF) is a growing global non-profit staffed by people with differing areas of expertise who are all passionate about co-creating with survivors of conflict-related sexual violence to enhance their access and right to reparation. 

We pride ourselves on having a diverse workforce and inclusive culture, and we encourage applicants from all backgrounds. While GSF's international office is in Geneva, Switzerland, our secretariat staff is based around the world, working remotely and as close as possible to our social mission to support survivors in realising their right to reparation.

Our values


Respect is our guiding principle for cherishing and valuing the diversity and individuality of our colleagues. We embrace each other's unique contributions, experiences, sensibilities, and perspectives, fostering an environment where every voice is heard, acknowledged, and considered.


Upholding the highest ethical standards in our survivor-centred work, we hold Integrity as a core value. In our actions and written communications, we consistently strive to reflect ethics, transparency, and co-creation.


Accountability entails assuming full responsibility for our actions, decisions, and performances. We uphold it by maintaining transparency in our decision-making processes, fostering effective communication, and seriously undertaking our shared responsibilities towards donors, stakeholders, co-workers, and survivors alike.


At the heart of GSF's mission lies commitment—a driving force that enables us to foster a genuine interest in understanding the organisation's mandate. During recruitment, we actively seek individuals from diverse backgrounds who exhibit passion and unwavering commitment. With a positive outlook, our commitment applies to internal rules, policies, and sincerely to the survivors’ demand for justice and reparation.

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